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Transcript / Parchment FAQ

How do I request a transcript?

Please see our How To guide on ordering transcripts here:


What is an electronic transcript?

An electronic transcript is an official digital version of your transcript.


How much does ordering a transcript cost?

Currently there is no charge for requesting a transcript.


How long does it take to receive a transcript?

Transcript requests are generally processed in one to two business days.


How can I be sure a transcript is real?

Official transcripts from LSUS will contain an LSUS watermark and be signed by the registrar.


Can I expedite my order?

Currently there is no way to expedite your order.


I have a record hold can I request a transcript?

If there is a hold on your account that prevents the release of your transcript, you will receive an email cancellation notification.

The Office of Accounting Services places holds on the release of transcripts of students who are in debt to the University. Please be aware that if there is a “Transcript Hold” on your transcript, and you choose to pay what you owe the University via myLSUS using a credit card, it may take up to 48 hours to clear your account and to lift the hold. For questions, you may contact the Office of Accounting Services at 318-797-5275.


Can I request an unofficial copy of my transcript?

Yes, please see our How To guide on ordering unofficial transcripts:

Can I order a mail copy or pickup my transcript in person?

Yes, please see our How To guide on ordering a mail copy or how to pickup your transcript in person: