Disabling or Re-enabling Proctorio Extension

Some of our students occasionally report that when they go to a Moodle resource or activity in Google Chrome that the central portion of the screen briefly shows the item and then the central portion of the screen goes blank. This has been tracked down to be a function of the Proctorio testing extension that many students have installed to be able to take proctored tests in Moodle.

The fix that is available at the moment is to turn Proctorio off unless you are taking your proctored exam.

Below are instructions on how to enable/disable the Proctorio extension.

1.  For Google Chrome, click on three dots in top right corner (see image below) to “customize and control Google Chrome”.  *** 

2. Click on “More Tools” to view the pop out menu and then click on “Extensions”.

3. Disable the Proctorio extension by sliding the button all the way to the left until it is grayed out (see image below).


4. Go back to the Moodle course page and click on your activity or resource again and it should function correctly.

5. To re-enable the Proctorio extension by following steps 1-2 and then sliding the button all the way to the right until it is blue.

*** If you do not see the three dots, you can also browse to the URL chrome://extensions/ to enable/disable extensions.