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Change your default MFA and password reset method

If you want to change the default method used when you sign-in to your LSUS account using MFA or for password reset requests, you can set it here: or

If you have not yet added an alternate MFA method to which you can switch, please follow the steps in this article to add another method:

MFA Setup Walkthrough - START HERE : LSUS IT Helpdesk

Students: your username is your

Faculty and Staff: your username is

  1. On the Security info page, select Change next to the Default sign-in method information.

    Change link for default sign-in method

  2. Choose Microsoft Authenticator - notification from the list of available methods. If you're not using the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the Authenticator app or hardware token option.

    Choose method for default sign-in

  3. Select Confirm. The default method used for sign-in changes to the Microsoft Authenticator app.