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Microsoft Teams at LSUS

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's answer to help you work more collaboratively with your colleagues.
Some of the tools under the Microsoft Teams umbrella that will help you work more closely with your colleagues are:

  • Instant Messaging - You may already be familiar with Instant Messaging your colleagues though other methods such as phone-based text messaging or Slack.Instant Messaging in Microsoft Teams works very similarly, but has added benefits.

    With Instant Messaging in Microsoft Teams, your conversations can occur in the same digital locations that you edit files, plan projects, and have meetings. This allows you have conversations that are easier to refer back to and tie back to relevant information.

  • File Sharing and Access - Historically, LSUS has primarily used I:, L:, and J: drives as well as email to enable sharing of LSUS files among and across departments, colleges, etc. Microsoft Teams allows for very similar access to your LSUS files, but with added benefits.

    With Files in Microsoft Teams, your LSUS files can be accessed from anywhere and any device platform. Files in Microsoft Teams can be stored and edited in the same digital locations you instant message, plan projects, and have meetings which makes those files easier to find and their purpose easier to understand.

  • Document Collaboration - Historically, collaboration on LSUS documents has been primarily done through taking turns editing files stored on the I:, L:, and J: drives, sending document drafts back and forth via email, as well as other, not so efficient, methods. Microsoft Teams provides efficient ways to collaborate on documents.

    Documents in Microsoft Teams have the ability to be edited by multiple people simultaneously. Microsoft Teams also enables you to easily request the creation of new digital locations in which you can bring together colleagues from various departments at LSUS to, not only collaborate on Documents, but also, share files, instant message, plan projects, and have meetings.

For an quick video introduction to Microsoft Teams, see the following article from Microsoft:
Get started with Microsoft Teams

For a video introduction of Microsoft Teams produced by LSUS IT Services, please see the video linked below:
What is Microsoft Teams?

How can I access Microsoft Teams?

LSUS ITS is currently rolling out Microsoft Teams gradually to all LSUS Faculty and Staff. Once this has been completed, Microsoft Teams will also be rolled out to all current LSUS students.

Downloading Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available on all major device platforms and can be downloaded here:
Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps | Microsoft Teams

Accessing Microsoft Teams from a web browser

While ITS generally recommends using the full client of Microsoft Teams to ensure the best experience, Teams can also be accessed at

Once is Teams installed and launched, you may be prompted to login. You will want to login with your LSUS Single Sign-On credentials. 

If you need any assistance with installing or logging into Microsoft Teams, please submit a ticket at or email

What can I do with Microsoft Teams?

A better question might be: "What can't I do with Microsoft Teams?" 😄

Here is a partial list of the uses of Microsoft Teams:

  • Access all of your LSUS files from any location and any device.
  • Collaborate with anyone from LSUS or any other LSU institution through chat, web meetings, and document sharing.
  • Easily refer back to historical content (files, conversations, recorded meetings) through the use of search.
  • Plan and execute tasks with your fellow Team members using various integrations in Teams.

How do I use Microsoft Teams?

Please see the resources below for guidance on how to use teams.

Teams Top Ten - Video Series

A series of videos made by LSUS IT Services which walk through the top ten topics we think are key to using Teams effectively:
Teams Top Ten - 10 videos to help prepare you for using Microsoft Teams : LSUS IT Helpdesk

Microsoft Teams Documentation Provided by Microsoft

Microsoft provides a vast collection of documentation on how to use Microsoft Teams. This is your starting point:

Microsoft Teams Help & Learning from Microsoft (

How do I access LSUS files within Microsoft Teams?

Please see the following helpdesk article for guidance on how to work with files in Microsoft Teams:
Working with Files in Microsoft Teams : LSUS IT Helpdesk

How do I request a new Team?

Only active LSUS Faculty and Staff can request the creation of a new Team.

Nearly all LSUS Faculty and Staff members will initially start out in at least one Team.

In order to have a new Team created, you just need to fill out the service request linked here:

Where can I go for more Microsoft Teams Training and Help?

Please see the following resources for Microsoft Teams training and help. If you still need guidance, please submit a ticket at or call 318-797-5221.