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What is an Access Review?

Access to various resources is often controlled by placing an individual's LSUS account into a specific user group.

Such groups are often assigned a manager who is responsible for keeping the group's membership up to date.

As such, you may be a Faculty and/or Staff member who manages one or more of these groups.

Certain groups, such as Email Distribution Lists, are subject to "Access Reviews" wherein their manager is periodically prompted (usually via email notification) to review and update the membership of each group they manage.

How long is an Access Review window?

Access Reviews give group managers 14 days to review the memberships of the groups they manage. At any point between the time between when they are notified of the Access Review and 14 days after, the group manager may return to the Access Review page to adjust their Approval and/or Denial decisions.

How do I complete an Access Review?

Its easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. You will be notified (usually via email notification) that you have a pending Access Review.

    In the email, you will see a "Start review" link. Click on this link to be taken to the Access Review.

    Below is a screenshot of such an email:

  2. After clicking "Start review," you will be taken to a page where you must perform the Access Review.

    In the "Recommendation" column, you will see a recommendation of either "Approve" or "Deny."

    If you select a user and click "Approve," you are saying that the user should remain in the group you are reviewing. Clicking "Deny" will remove the user from the group.

    Clicking "Accept Recommendations" will automatically mark your decision for all users in the group in accordance with the action listed for them in the "Recommendation" column.

    Screenshot for reference:

  3. After you have completed your Approvals and/or Denials, you can then close the page.

    Your Approvals and/or Denials will take effect 14 days after your were first notified of the Access Review.

    At any point in time between when you are notified of the Access Review and 14 days after, the you may return to the Access Review page to adjust your Approval and/or Denial decisions.

    You can return to this page by clicking again on "Start Review" in the email you received (this will not restart your Access Review) or you can simply navigate to the following URL:


What happens if I don't complete an Access Review?

If no action is taken by the group manager during an Access Review, currently no action is taken. Members of the group will remain there unless acted on by IT Services or via other methods (E.g. Distribution List modification via Outlook).

However, it is highly recommended that the group manager complete their Access Reviews to ensure that users do not retain access to resources they should not.