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How to Download Kaltura Videos for Teachers/Editors

  1. Log into Moodle
  2. Browse to "My Media" in the sidebar.
  3. Find the video you are interested in and click the 'pencil' icon.


  4.  In the top right there should be a tiny folder with an arrow on it. Click that to download your video.


If you are trying to download a video that contains TWO streams, such as is made by our Epiphan Pearl Mini devices, you have to do more work to get the second stream.

  1.  Copy the media entry ID.


  2. Head back to the main My Media page.


  3. In the search bar enter that Media Entry ID you copied earlier and hit enter.


  4.  It will return all the streams that were recorded. Click the pencil on the additional stream you want to download.


  5. On the next screen click the download icon in the top right.