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Test Scoring How-To

One service that Information Technology Services offers the faculty at LSUS is the scoring of exams. To take advantage of this service, just follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Administer the Test
Have the students purchase a full-page answer sheet (FORM# 16504) from the LSUS Bookstore and administer the test using these instructions:

  • Use No. 2 pencil only.
  • Fill in and bubble-in the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and MI (with the first letter of their first name); starting each in the left-most position.
  • Fill in the Identification # with the last eight (8) digits of the Student ID starting in column A. The last column can be left blank.
  • Make dark marks that completely fill the ovals.

Important Notes:
Please note that any of the fields left un-bubbled will cause the scanning machine to stop and the operator will have to either enter the information using the keyboard or hit the enter key three times to bypass that information. Scantron form that has a grease spot cannot be read. Scantron forms that are wrinkled or those with folded corners can cause jams in the machine and may or may not be able to be read.

Step 2: Complete the Answer Key

The Answer Key is the form that identifies all of the correct answers for the questions on the test. The form (#16504) is the same form used by students for their answer sheets. The scanner differentiates between the Answer Key and other answer sheets using two fields on the sheet:

  • Last Name - Beginning in the leftmost column, instructor/professor's last name. Fill in the corresponding ovals (bubble-in).
  • First Name - Print and bubble-in ‘KEY'
  • MI - Bubble-in a space or use A or B if there are multiple keys for a particular class's exam.
  • Identification Number - 00000000 (or whatever is preferred) and fill in the corresponding ovals.

After completing these two sections, fill in the correct answers to the test questions.

Step 3: Prepare the Tests for Grading

An Exam Scoring Request form should be filled out and included with the key and the student answer sheets.

In order for the scanner to correctly scan and score the test forms, the tests must be placed in a specific order: answer key and then student answer sheets. All sheets must be face up with all of the black tic ID marks facing the same direction. Bind the test together, or place it in a campus mailer, and bring the test to Information Technology Services, Administration Building Room 202. Please ensure that you put your test in someone's hands and do not leave it on a desk unattended.  

The test will normally be ready to pick up based on the following schedule: 

Dropped Off Ready For Pick Up
before 12:00pm 4:00 pm the same day
after 12:00pm 9:00 am the next business day


The tests will be returned to the instructor along with a printed student report, if requested on the Exam Scoring Request form. Detailed reports will be emailed to the address provided on the request form.

If you have any questions about the test procedures listed above, please call Information Technology Services at extension 5221.