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Viewing your class roster and using it for emailing students

The official student roster for your class is available in the myLSUS portal.  This information is also pushed every two hours to the LSUS Moodle instance.  One notable difference is that sometimes our chairs/program directors have "Stacked" classes for you so that a 400/600 class for example may appear as one entity in Moodle.  Here in myLSUS they are two separate entities.

To view your myLSUS roster:

1.  Browse to

2.  In the Faculty/Staff Access area, enter your standard LSUS credentials and click Logon.  Please not that myLSUS is not available from 11:30-12:30 each night.

3.  Once you have logged in, click on the Faculty/Advisor's menu and click on the "Class Rosters, Grading, At-Risk Reporting" link


4.  Next you will be asked to choose which term (ie Semester) you want to view. Choose the appropriate term from the drop-down and then click the "Choose Term" button.

5.   You should now see a list of the classes that you are listed in our Student Information System as the instructor of.  To see the roster for a class, click the black button in front of the appropriate class.  (The number on the button is the reference number or unique number assigned to your class in the Student Information System.)

6.  You should now see your students!

7. If you want to go back and see another class, click the "Instructor Schedule" button.

8.  If you aren't using Moodle and want to email your students as a group, please note the "Email All Students" button at the bottom of your roster.