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How to Send Email from a Different Email Address

Some individuals have been granted access to mailboxes other than their own, primary mailbox. When accessing a mailbox other than your primary mailbox, you may find yourself in need of sending an email from that other mailbox.

An example: I have access to the shared mailbox, and I want to send an email such that them email appears to have originated from and not from my own mailbox.

The following two processes show how to change the "From" address on your email in both the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, as well as the Outlook Web interface. 

Microsoft Outlook Desktop:

  1. Click "New Email" to start crafting your message

  2. If you see the "From" field above the "To" field, then skip to step 5.

  3. Click the "Options" Tab

  4. In the "Show Fields" ribbon, click "From" - the "From" field should now appear above the "To" field

  5. Click the "From" button next to your email address
    Screenshot for reference:

  6. Click "Other Email Address..."

  7. Enter the email address you wish to send from (E.g.

  8. Finish crafting your message and click send.

  9. You're done!

Outlook Web Interface:

  1. Open the alternative mailbox using the "Open another mailbox" link after clicking on your avatar. Helpdesk article for guidance:
  2. Click "New Message"

  3. Craft your message and click send

  4. You're done!

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket or email