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Exam Scoring Request

Exams must be signed in by an ITS representative for security and must be signed out when they are picked up. We will no longer accept exams dropped off/picked up from the unmonitored inbox. Additionally, all scored exams will be held in the back and must be picked up from an ITS representative. All exams must be submitted in a inter-office envelope, large envelope, or box with the exam scoring request form within. Do not use paper clips, rubber bands, or staples to hold the pages together. Please turn in each exam with one key, one exam scoring request form, and one set of exams per envelope. Please make sure all Scantron forms are facing the same direction. Exams can only be released to the person(s) whose name is listed on the exam scoring request form, unless we receive an email from the instructor indicating otherwise.

Please download, fill out, and provide the attached with the exams.