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LSUS Faculty/Staff Exchange Online Migration

If you are here then most likely your email account has been or will soon be migrated to Exchange Online. This gives you additional features to your email and most importantly a dramatically increased quota.

There will be some limitations between accounts that have been migrated and accounts that have not yet been migrated. We will attempt to keep those to a minimum by migrating mailboxes in staggered batches. Once everyone is fully migrated these limitations will be resolved. Please review the below information in full!


Exchange Online FAQs 


What is Exchange Online?

LSUS ITS has been hosting Exchange on our own servers on campus. Exchange Online is the same service just hosted in the Cloud.


What does this mean for me?

One of the most significant changes is increased quota. From the start it will be a 50GB quota, up from 400MB. Additionally, this migration will open up more functionality and services to your Outlook client. Look for updates from us on this!


I am faculty or staff. How do I get this?

You will be receiving it automatically! ITS will be migrating accounts in batches.


What is the migration process?

ITS will send out notifications to batches of people stating their account is set to be migrated. For most this means your account will be migrated over night. Some accounts may take longer to migrate but no need to worry, you will be able to actively use your email while it is being migrated. Once fully migrated your Outlook application will prompt for you to restart with this message "The Microsoft Exchange Administrator has made a change that requires you to quit and restart Outlook". This is an expected message and you can safely follow the instructions. Please note this message may pop up additional times after the migration.

Password Prompts

After your migration you may get password prompts. This is expected. Enter your password and ensure "Remember My Credentials" is checked to prevent further prompts.


Are there any issues I will experience during this migration?

ITS is striving to make it as pain free as possible. With that said, there may be some initial limitations. This is due to interactions between accounts that have been migrated and accounts that have yet to be migrated. This is normal and expected and will be resolved as remaining mailboxes are migrated. Migrations are planned to be done in staggered batches to help reduce these limitations.


What do I need to do?

After the migration is complete there are a few things we need you to do. Unfortunately there is no way we can do this from our end.


  1. Clear your Auto-Complete Cache. This is what fills in people and their email in the "To" field. This will need to be cleared so it can be rebuilt from Exchange Online. Instructions here:
  2. Enable "Cached Exchange Mode" in Outlook. This will keep a copy of your mailbox on your computer allowing quicker access to your emails. Follow instructions here:
  3. If your email is no longer working on your mobile device you will need to remove the account and re-add it. This is due to new and better security systems that are now in place. Instructions here:
  4. We highly recommend the Outlook App for mobile devices. It will provide the best experience. 
  5. Migrate your email archives to the Exchange Online. No longer will you need to keep archives on your physical computer or hard drive. Instructions here:



How will I access my emails on the web?

You will still be able to access your email but you will need to go to a new URL:


Please note migrated emails will utilize our "Single Sign On" service for authentication.


What is "Single Sign On" service?

"Single Sign On" or SSO is a service ITS provides. As the name suggests it allows your single LSUS account the ability to log into multiple services. In addition once you are signed into one SSO application you are signed into all SSO applications. Please note this does require you to enter your username in the format. For example, Jon Doe would enter as their username.


Will I still get my voicemail delivered to my email?

Yes! Additionally your voicemail will also be transcribed to text and included in the email.


Will my Calendar, contacts, notes, etc be migrated?

Yup! Everything that is stored inside your account will be transferred over.


What is "Focused Inbox"?

Focused Inbox prioritizes your most important emails and moves them to the "Focused" tab. Other emails are still accessible but are now on the "Other" tab. You can disable this if you do not like it by following the instructions here:


What is "Online Archive"?

The Online Archive is your new archive that lives in the cloud. It will work much like your original archive and anything archived will move to this and live there. If you want to search items you will need to navigate to that archive and search in it.


Will email forwarding work after migration?

Email forwarding is NOT recommended. Exchange Online is woven with other systems and applications and accessing your email from outside of Exchange Online will remove those integrations.

If you had forwarding setup previously it should continue to function.


Can I still connect to my mailbox using IMAP?

Unfortunately, LSUS ITS will not be supporting connections to mailboxes in Exchange Online via IMAP. It is recommended that you reconnect to your mailbox using the Exchange or Office365 options provided to you by your email client.