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Campus Wide Lab Printing

Campus Wide Lab Printing

Printing is provided by the CWL to LSUS students. The CWL utilizes a print credit system. The print credit system was put in place to safeguard student money from wasteful printing.

At the beginning of each semester students receive 500 Black and White printing credits. Your print jobs will deduct from your print credit balance at a standard rate. The credits are virtual and have no actual monetary value. Unused credits do not roll over to the next semester. Students are able to request an increase in credits to their Black and White balance if they run out.

Print Job Cost

1 Credit for 1 single-sided Black and White sheet.

1.5 Credits for 1 double-sided Black and White sheet.

Students are encouraged to print duplex whenever possible. It saves you print credits and reduces the amount of sheets printed. There is no refunding of credits for mistakes. Please make sure your work is correct before printing. If there is a printer malfunction inform a student worker or lab manager and the print job can be printed again at no extra cost.

Checking Your Print Credit Balance 

Students can check their print credit balance by two methods:

1) You can visit, log in with your student ID and PIN. Once logged in click on “User” in the top right and your print credit balance will be displayed.

2) Once logged in to a CWL computer you can click on the “tree” icon in the bottom right of the taskbar. There it will pop up with your print credit balance.

Increase in your print credit balance.

If you run out of print credits you can talk to a student worker in the CWL. There they will take your student ID and send for an increase. As long as you are printing university related materials your print credits can be increased.

Printing Notices You May See

Occasionally while printing a notification box will appear. They pop up if:

1) If you drop below 100 print credits while printing.

2) If you print the same document twice in a row.

3) If you are out of print credits.

4) If the document is over 100 pages.