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Viewing Your Accessibility Feedback on Course Content

Not sure about how to identify and correct accessibility issues with your course content? Not to worry. Ally provides you detailed feedback and support to help you become an accessibility pro. Learn about accessibility issues, why they matter, and how to fix them. 

Green is the goal!

Find the Ally Indicators

Your course files and content will now have color “dials” next to them (Red, Orange, Light Green, and Dark Green). They indicate the file’s level of accessibility, and are there to help you prioritize which files you want to fix first. 

Don’t worry, your students can’t see the Ally indicators

If you hover over the indicators, you’ll see if the accessibility score is “low,” “medium,” or “high.” Click the indicator to see the percentage score, specific issues affecting the file, and instructions for improving the file. Ally checks most file formats, but there may be some files in your course that don’t have an Ally indicator next to them. 

Yikes! You notice the red indicator appear after adding a new file to your course. Or, your institution just added Ally, and now you see a red indicator next to your course file. You mouse over to the red dial and see the “accessibility score” when you hover over the indicator.  Read on to learn how to remediate this resource.

Navigating Ally Instructor Feedback

This handy graphic outlines all the parts of the feedback cycle.  

When you click the indicator, Ally walks you through a series of steps to make the file more accessible. Ally organizes this feedback in a decision tree, so all you need to do is read the directions and respond to the prompts. Learn what the issue is, why it matters, and how to correct it appropriately.