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How to access FlipGrid

FlipGrid is a social learning platform where instructors and students may interact with each other by recording and uploading videos to the site. 

How to log into FlipGrid 

Navigate to

Students do not create accounts. Instead, students must receive the Flip Code from their instructor in order to join the grid and begin uploading videos. If you do not have a Flip Code, please contact your instructor. Enter the Flip Code at any of the prompts on the homepage. Once you enter the code, you will have access to your class's FlipGrid. 

Scroll through your class FlipGrid. You may see an introduction and some instructions from your instructor at the top. As you scroll, you may see that your classmates have already posted their owns videos. Click the green and white plus symbol to log in so you can begin recording your videos. 

How to begin uploading videos

When you click the green and white plus sign, you will be prompted to log in with a Google or Microsoft account. Your LSUS Microsoft and email account will NOT work with FlipGridOnly a Google account or personal Microsoft account will be accepted to join the grid.

If you do not have a Google email or Microsoft account, you are strongly advised to create one in order to proceed. Click here to create a Google account.

Once you have officially joined the grid, check "Remember Me" to stay logged in. 

Videos may be recorded with any computer or mobile device with video recording capabilities. 

Click here to download the FlipGrid mobile app for Apple devices. 

Click here to download the FlipGrid mobile app for Android devices.