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How do I access the wireless network (WiFi)?

How to access the LSUS wireless network 

LSUS offers access to the wireless network in all campus buildings, including the Athletic Complex and the Red River Radio/Community Outreach Building*. 

When connecting with the network, look for LSUS's eduroam in the list of available networks. 

Students will use their and their four-digit PIN to log into the network. 

LSUS faculty and staff will use their and their current password to access the network. (Keep in mind that, as the employee password must be updated every 30 days, it will need to be updated on any devices logged into the network.) 

Please follow the relevant links below to find your guide:

Windows 10 Wireless Setup

macOS Wireless Setup

iOS Wireless Setup

Android Wireless Setup

ChromeOS Wireless Setup

*Please note that the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) and the University Court Apartments are not within the LSUS wireless network at this time.