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Connecting to your ZDrive (Student)

ZDrive How-To

All students have access to a file storage area. This is accessible on campus and off. This storage area is called the "Z Drive". Three methods are available to access your Z Drive.

On Campus Access

Your Z Drive will be mapped automatically when you log into an LSUS computer with your LSUS username and password. It can be found under My Computer or This PC. It will be mapped to the drive letter Z and will have your username on it.

Secure Web Access

If you are off campus you can still access your Z drive. The easiest way is to go to This can be loaded through a web browser and requires your username and password.

Secure FTP Access

You can also access your storage through an SFTP client. Some SFTP clients are WinSCP or FileZilla. You will need to enter some settings for each to access. These settings are below:


Port: 22

Server Type: SFTP

The username and password is your username and password.

If you have issues accessing your Z Drive please put in a ticket at our helpdesk, call ITS @ 318-797-5221, or drop by the Campus Wide Lab in the University Center.