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Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

What is Multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication(MFA) is an added layer of security to your normal login process. As the name suggests MFA makes it so you have to have multiple forms of authentication to gain access to an account.

MFA does this by using the "something you know and something you have" process. Something you know would be your username and password. Something you have would be for example, your phone. Both are required for a successful login.

An attacker can get your "something you know" and be unable to get access to your account because they do not have "something you have".

Why is MFA being enforced at LSUS?

Higher education institutes have become prime targets for cyber attacks in recent years. A large portion of those attacks are done through compromised accounts. MFA adds the needed layer of protection to thwart those attacks.

How do I get started with MFA?

To enroll in MFA please visit the detailed how-to guide here: Multi-Factor Authentication Setup Walkthrough | LSUS IT Helpdesk

Who currently is using MFA?

  • Phase 0: ITS – Started April 2019
  • Phase 1: Any Faculty/Staff/Student accounts flagged for suspicious activity – Ongoing since May 2021
  • Phase 2: The following departments: Academic Affairs, Accounting Services, Admissions, Alumni Affairs, Auxiliary Services, Business Affairs, Career Services, Chancellor’s Office, Counseling, Dean of Student’s Office, DICE, Events Management, Financial Aid, Graduate Studies, Human Resources, Media and Public Relations, Purchasing, Records, Rec Sports, Recruitment, Sponsored Research, Scholarships, Strategic Initiatives, Student Activities, Student Advocacy and, Accountability, Student Success, and University Police. – November 2021 - Completed
  • Phase 3: Faculty – February 2022 - Completed
  • Phase 4: Remaining Staff, Adjuncts, and Retirees – March 2022 - Completed
  • Phase 5: Students – Rolled out in waves beginning Fall Semester 2022

Note: You can register second authentication factor ahead of time! Please see the following article for guidance on how to register your second factor if you wish to do so:
How do I change my LSUS account MFA and Security settings? : LSUS IT Helpdesk

What applications are using MFA?

Any application that hits our "Single Sign On" prompt will also be subject to MFA.

How often will I get an MFA prompt?

You will only be prompted for MFA if you are logging in from off-campus.

When going through the MFA approval during sign-in, you will be given the opportunity to check a box that prevents your account from being prompted for MFA again for 30 days from the device you logged into.

What are my MFA Options?

  1. Microsoft Authenticator App (Best Method)
    • Preferred and best solution
    • Sends a push notification to your mobile device that you simply tap to approve your sign-in.
    • Also provides a six digit rolling code that you can enter at your second factor in the event that push notifications are unavailable for your device.
    • Downloadable here: Microsoft Mobile Phone Authenticator App | Microsoft Security

  2. Other authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator
    • Provides a six digit rolling code that you enter when prompted.

  3. Phone Call
    • Register a cellphone or landline to receive a phone call. Once answered you will be prompted to hit a button on your phone.

  4. Be On Campus
    • If you are on campus and on eduroam wifi network, ITS considers this as a factor for your login.

How do I update or change my MFA method?

Information on how to update or change MFA method can be found here: How do I change my LSUS account MFA and Security settings? : LSUS IT Helpdesk

What if I forget my phone at home?

We consider being on the LSUS campus network as a factor for your login. As long as you are on campus you will be able to log in without an MFA prompt.

What if I lose my phone?

If you lose your mobile device, you will need to reach out to ITS through our helpdesk,, or by calling 318-797-5221

I am on campus, but I am being prompted for MFA?

Once every 180 days, each user is required to verify the accuracy of their account's security information. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, an MFA prompt is required to verify it regardless of location. Aside from this one exception, you should not be prompted for MFA while on campus and connected to an LSUS network.