This guide is for students who want to be notified when a seat becomes available in a full class.

There are two sets of steps for this. First you need to get the class reference number and then enable notifications.

To find the class reference number please follow these steps:

1) Go to but do not log in.

2) On the left click on "Course Schedules."

3) Select your term.

4) Put in your class in the "Course ID:" field. (ex: BIOS 107)

5) If the class is full you will see 0 seats left.

6) Next to "Add to Cart" is a seven digit number. This is the reference number. Write it down for the next set of steps.

To enable seat availability notification please follow these steps:

1) Log into

2) Click on "Registration."

3) Click on "Add/Drop."

4) Select your term.

5) In the gold highlighted section enter your course reference number for your full class and click "Add to Cart."

6) You will see the class along with a "This class is full" description.

7) Below that there is a "Click this link to be added to the Email Notification List."

8) Click "this link" to receive email notification of when a class seat is available.

At this point you are all set. If a seat becomes available you will be notified via email that a seat is open. 

You can then navigate to myLSUS and add that class.