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Web Printing How-To

Web Printing How-To

Students,faculty, and staff now are able to print from their laptop or mobile device to certain printers on Campus. Please note that any web print will be placed into a hold queue waiting release.

To web print you must navigate to in a web browser. From there you will log into it with your username and password. Once logged in you will need to click Print in the top left. 

Then click on Select File to UploadSelect your file, it will take a moment to upload, then click Next

Select your printer, please note the only current available printer is in the Campus-Wide Lab, uc109printerAweb on PRINTS

Select your printing options then click Next. It will process then click Hold Job in Queue. At this point the job is being held for approval. 

Please visit the Campus-Wide Lab Manager or a student worker in the Campus-Wide Lab to have your job released to the printer.