Email How-To

These guides are for users attempting to set up their personal computers or devices to access their LSUS email.

Students with email setup questions should visit the Campus-Wide Lab in the University Center, Room 109.

Please follow the relevant links below to find your guide.

Outlook IMAP Setup

iOS IMAP Setup

Outlook App in iOS Setup

iOS Exchange Setup for Faculty/Staff

Android IMAP Setup

Android Exchange Setup for Faculty/Staff

macOS Email Setup

LSUS Email Forwarding

You are able to forward your email to another email address that you own. This is done through the Outlook Web Access (OWA) webpage. Please note all forwarded email is retained on LSUS email servers.

1) Log into your email at

2) Select the Options button in the top right corner of the screen.

3) Select Create an Inbox rule... button in the drop down menu.

4) Select the New... button in the Inbox Rules window.

5) Under *When the message arrives, and: select [Apply to all messages] or the appropriate rule.

6) Under Do the following: select Redirect this Message to...

7) Enter the appropriate email in the To-> box or select an email from the list.

8) Click OK then Save.

Additional Information

Your Email Address, Username, and Password

For students, your email address is your last name, first initial, and last two digits of your student ID.

Example: John Doe with a student ID of J930000012 would have an email address of

Your username is your Student ID.

Your password is the same password used to access myLSUS.

For faculty/staff, your email address is your  first name followed by a period, followed by your last name.

Example: John Doe would have an email address of

Faculty/Staff will get their login information from their supervisor.

Please note for students, that your email is created the day after you have registered for classes for the first time at LSUS. If you are a returning student the email should be available within two hours of your enrollment.